Monthly Archives: April 2012

April 17-23 is National Pet ID Week

Take part in National Pet ID Week and get your pet microchipped. Here at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, we recommend getting all of your beloved furry friends chipped. We use HomeAgain for our microchips but there are other companies out there such as AVID. Here are two tips to help ensure the safety of your… Read More

National Heartworm Awareness Month

April is also National Heartworm Awareness Month!! We find it very important to keep your feline and canine family members on Heartgard every single month (yes, even in the winter). For more information about heartworm and how to prevent infection visit the National Heartworm Society website

An Easter Reminder

Easter Lily Ingestion in Cats Each spring, many cats are brought to the emergency room due to Easter Lily ingestion. ALL parts of the Easter Lily plant are highly toxic to cats even in small amounts if ingested. This can cause acute kidney failure or even death. Typical signs of Easter Lily toxicity: Lethargy Vomiting… Read More

With the nice weather on its way!

Here is an article I have taken from the AAHA Healthy Pets website. A lot of us take our pets into the woods, and this article has some great tips on how to keep them safe and enjoying every bit of their adventure! Click this link to read those tips at Taking a pet into… Read More