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Welcome To All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital (ACVH) is a center where people and their pets visit regularly to achieve a healthy, fulfilling life together. ACVH provides a caring and educational environment where people can learn about maximizing the health and well-being of their pets, and protect the health of their entire family.

Avian and Exotic Pet Care

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer wellness and sick visits for exotic pets including ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, birds and many more! If you have recently adopted a new exotic pet or have exotic pets at home, All Creatures can be your resource for all of their healthcare needs.

Extended Hours

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital is open seven days a week for your scheduling convenience.
With extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, All Creatures offers appointments to our clients until 8pm. All Creatures is also open on Saturdays and Sundays!

Spaying or Neutering your Pets

Remember, your puppy or kitten will have the most important surgery of his or her life at 6 months of age when they are spayed or neutered. By providing your pet with this surgery, you are prolonging his or her life and joining in the battle against pet overpopulation. Call to schedule your pets spay or neuter today!

Dental Care

Routine dental care is essential to protect your pet's oral health. We understand that it may seem difficult to keep your pet's teeth clean, but it is important to get your pet used to the dental care that they need before they start showing signs of dental disease.