Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping Your Pet

It is important to have your pet microchipped as early as possible to give you the peace of mind that your pet has a permanent, lifetime identification. A HomeAgain microchip is inserted under the skin with a simple injection usually in the area around your pet’s shoulder blades. The chip, which is only about the size of a grain of rice, is designed to have little to no mobility once implanted.

Once the chip has been implanted during this simple one-time procedure, the staff at All Creatures will have you fill out the enrollment paperwork, which will include all of the information that will be attached to your pet’s ID number. If your pet were to ever get lost, if they are taken to an animal shelter or clinic, the hospital staff will first scan to find your pet’s unique microchip code. By simply looking up the microchip number in the database, your contact information will be retrieved so you can be reunited with your lost pet!

Keep in mind that 1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime. It can be as simple as your pet digging under the fence and escapes, getting lost while hiking or traveling, contractors or handymen accidentally leaving doors or windows open, or someone stealing your pet while unattended. Without ID, 90% of lost pets never return home.

Once your pet’s microchip has been enrolled and registered, you will be able to complete a full profile for your pet, including a current picture, medical information, and alternative contacts.  Once your pet is microchipped please remember to update your membership information yearly. You will be emailed a membership renewal each year.

Get your pet microchipped today and enjoy a lifetime registration into the database as well as one year of Home again membership benefits. These include 24/7 lost pet specialists, rapidly lost pet alerts, personalized lost pet posters, 24/7 emergency medical hotline as well as travel assistance for found pets.

Visit www.homeagain.com for more information, or click here to set up an appointment.