Great Outdoors: Not So Great for an Outdoor Cat

Great Outdoors: Not So Great for an Outdoor Cat

Everyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they can be absolutely persistent once they want something. If that something is going outside, what should you do? What do you need to consider before letting your cat outdoors? Can you train your outdoor cat to stay inside? Are indoor cats even happy? We will… Read More

Toxins Found in Your Home

Every household has some items in it that are toxic to your pets. This is normal! Some are scarier than others, however. We will cover some of the most common toxins (and some things we think are toxic but are not), how the toxins affect your pet, and the most common treatments for these toxins…. Read More

What is a Vet Tech (AKA Superhero)?

What exactly does the title of “veterinary technician” mean? What do they do? Thinking about being a vet tech? Is there a difference between an assistant and a vet tech? Veterinary technicians (vet techs) are the superheroes of the veterinary world. They are a group of hard working, compassionate, organized people who keep veterinary hospitals… Read More

Want to become snake savvy?

Do you want to own a pet snake, or own one already and want to brush up? There is a lot of information out there on the internet about snakes, and not all of it is true. Your veterinarian is the best resource for your snake’s individual need. Each species is unique and needs to… Read More

Dental Health and Dental Disasters

Does your dog or cat have terrible breath? Is he or she chewing funny? Dropping food? Even worse, missing teeth that were there before? Dental disease is extremely common in dogs, cats, and even rabbits! This is incredibly painful for your furry friend, and can have some hidden effects as well. Whole Body Effects of… Read More