Coping with Pet Loss

Coping with Pet Loss

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to making the end of life process as stress-free and painless as possible for the pet and the entire family. Each day we will support you in your efforts to help your pet emotionally socially and physically as they approach the last day.

At All Creatures, we can have a technician call you to discuss how the appointment will go. We can talk you through each step and answer your questions. We can also make some decisions with you ahead of time. Sometimes, having a plan in place can help calm some of your fears.

Losing a pet can be just as hard as losing a human family member. Below are some helpful links to get you through these tough times.

A great place to start in the decision-making process is this handout. It asks you to answer questions on a scale of 0-2 and then lets you know where you rate. The questionnaire is a good way to find out if your concerns need immediate attention.

Final Gift – Final Gift is the cremation company All Creatures uses to help set your pet to rest. You can visit the site to check out their services or even see where your pet could have their final resting place. They also offer an in-depth page regarding Grief Support:

Tufts Veterinary Hospital Pet Loss Support Hotline – Veterinary students help owners work through the heartache of losing a beloved animal companion:

Rainbow Bridge – Rainbow Bridge is a virtual memorial home and grief support community:

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement Website:

Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss: