Mission and Vision

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital (ACVH) is a Salem veterinary hospital where people and their pets visit regularly to achieve a healthy, fulfilling life together. ACVH provides a caring and educational environment where people can learn about maximizing the health and well being of their pets and protect the health of their entire family.

Maximum wellness is achieved through client education and regular preventative pet health care including physical examinations, wellness lab work, and systematic dental care. Diets and vaccinations are tailored to individual pet health requirements and lifestyle.

Clients are encouraged to maximize their pets’ potential for a long and healthy life. They are supported in their quest to improve the health of their pets, and the lives they share together. We support our clients by listening to their concerns, adapting health care to the needs of their particular situation, and providing education that is specific to their pet and their family.

ACVH is a center where employees may realize their potential in the animal care field and in their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. We realize that we are all works in progress and support each other in our personal endeavors.

Healing pets that are injured or ill through the use of medicine and surgery is our passion, and is readily available from our knowledgeable and friendly veterinarians and staff. As an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital, we continuously hold ourselves to the highest standards. At ACVH, we are constantly seeking new paths to improve our knowledge of veterinary medicine as well as our delivery of excellent customer service to our patients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide outstanding wellness and healing services to pets and their families. We achieve our mission by adhering to our core values of caring, healing, and education.

We continually strive to:

  • Care for our patients and their owners
  • Heal our patients by providing high-quality medical care
  • Share our love of animals with others
  • Educate ourselves about the science of veterinary medicine and the art of customer service through colleagues, patients, and their owners.

The Salem veterinarians and team at ACVH strive to achieve our mission and vision on a daily basis. Our top priority is to deliver the best experience to our clients and patients by providing the highest quality of medical care. By continuously educating ourselves through in-house seminars, online webinars, and national conferences, we are able to provide the most current information on varied topics to our clients. Our clients are then able to make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health care, and feel confident coming to ACVH for their pets’ treatment.

If you are seeking a veterinary hospital in Salem, MA, contact All Creatures Veterinary Hospital for a positive experience for you, and for your pet’s health.