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All Creatures Veterinary Hospital Receives 2020 Best of Salem Award

Salem Award Program Honors the Achievement SALEM January 13, 2020 — All Creatures Veterinary Hospital has been selected for the 2020 Best of Salem Award in the Veterinarians category by the Salem Award Program. Each year, the Salem Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and… Read More

Can a Diet Break a Dog’s Heart?

There is a lot of discussion around pet nutrition these days! Everyone wants the best for their best friends, and diet is very important. Dog Food: The Basics Dogs are omnivores which originated from wolves many thousands of years ago. Studies are starting to show that dogs have evolved to maintain a very different diet… Read More

We Love Saving Kittens

One of the best things about working in a veterinary hospital is kittens. When a kitten arrives for an appointment, the worship begins. After asking permission, our techs will gently tour the kitten around the hospital so we can all have a lovely happy kitten moment. All Creatures Veterinary Hospital had a beautiful orphaned newborn… Read More

Finches at Peabody Essex Museum Exhibit “From Here to Ear”

Dr Bradt has been taking care of 70 zebra finches at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Massachusetts. The finches fly around and land on the electric guitars when they are not busy nesting, breeding, preening their mates, eating seeds and pelleted diet from cymbals, hopping around on the sand or playing with the hay…. Read More

All Creatures Cares for 70 Guitar Playing Finches

Dr Bradt is taking care of 70 zebra inches at the Peabody Essex Museum. When they are not building nests mating and eating pelleted diet and seed out of cymbals they are hopping around on electric guitars and making music. She visits the finches on Tuesdays to make sure they are all doing well. They… Read More

How to participate in Food Drive for Pets Deadline is December 31

According to the food drive’s organizers, there are three main ways that people can contribute to the event until the Dec. 31 deadline: Go to to take a pledge to end pet hunger. Royal Canin will donate 1 pound of pet food for every pledge made. Royal Canin said it will contribute at least… Read More

Infographic Wednesday!

Check out this Infographic on Cat Adoptions in the US:

New Feature Every Wednesday

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Happy New Year!

Hello there! Just wanted to wish you all a great start to 2013! I’ve made a resolution to start brushing my teeth this year (I want them to look extra pretty when I smile for pictures!) Have you made any promises to yourself for the new year? Click this link to read the Pets Best… Read More

Another Treat Recall!

Hey there! Please take a minute to check this recall and compare it to the items stocked in your pantry. This is specifically interesting because these treats aren’t even from China, they’re US made: The FDA has issued a warning urging people to avoid feeding their pets Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats featuring the… Read More