Category: Pet Training

Great Outdoors: Not So Great for an Outdoor Cat

Everyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they can be absolutely persistent once they want something. If that something is going outside, what should you do? What do you need to consider before letting your cat outdoors? Can you train your outdoor cat to stay inside? Are indoor cats even happy? We will… Read More

Bird Behavior Problems

Looking to adopt a pet bird? Already have a pet bird, but having some behavior problems? Don’t worry! There are a few changes at home that can alter most behavioral problems in birds. The most common problems include inappropriate sexual behavior, feather plucking, and aggression. Many of these are also a sign of health issues,… Read More

Puppy Pandemic

During much of March and all of April, people have been having to work from home, social distance from friends and family, and life as we know it has changed drastically. Since people are home for the time being, many families have welcomed a new family member! Veterinary Care for your New Puppy One of… Read More

Pooch Jumping Prevention 101

Do you have a dog that jumps on people? Does his unmitigated exuberance at the front door make entry into your home a fearful event for visitors? Let’s talk about how to solve this problem once and for all. Humans encourage dogs to jump on us by petting them, starting in puppyhood, when they stand… Read More

Tips on Dog Walking Etiquette

Did you ever dream how much fun a walk with your dog would be before you actually parented a pup? You may have imagined a calm worry free stroll around the block with your pup gently sniffing the grass while you lost yourself in the beauty of the natural world. In this dream, your dog… Read More

Child Safety Around Pets

How safe is it to combine children under the age of 14 and pets? Most people acquiring a pet don’t give the question a lot of thought. Sometimes the acquisition is an impulse buy based on circumstance and pressure from the younger family members. Think Topsfield Fair and the rabbit exhibit. Or the pet store… Read More

Cats and Claws

Why cats use their claws, and ideas on how to deal! Human relationships with cats harken back more than 9500 years ago. This theory was reinforced when an archeological dig in Cyprus discovered a cat purposely buried with a human in a tomb circa 7500 BC. A study published in Science magazine concluded that based… Read More