April 17-23 is National Pet ID Week

Take part in National Pet ID Week and get your pet microchipped. Here at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, we recommend getting all of your beloved furry friends chipped. We use HomeAgain for our microchips but there are other companies out there such as AVID. Here are two tips to help ensure the safety of your pet by getting them microchipped.

1. Make sure that if already microchipped, all the information in their database is current/correct (address, phone number and a current photo of pet)

2. Ensure that your pet is wearing a secure fitting collar with appropriate tags (name with current phone number, rabies, and microchip ID)

This statement is taken straight from the HomeAgain website:

“A microchip for dogs & cats gives the best protection with a permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read. Every month, HomeAgain reunites 10,000 pets with the people that love them.”

If you live in the greater Salem area and are hoping to microchip your pet, All Creatures Veterinary Hospital offers microchipping services. Call our office to request your appointment.