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How to Get Your Pet to the Vet – Part 2 Exotics!

People bring a whole lot more than dogs and cats to the vet. Exotic pets also require wellness exams every 6 to 12 months. How do you get your snake, bunny, iguana, bird or rat to the veterinary practice as safely as possible? There are lots of tricks to keep each species safe during transport…. Read More

How to Get Your Pet to the Vet – Part 1

Have you ever made an appointment to go to the vet? Have you dreaded the day when you would have to chase your cat around the house, drag her out from under the bed and stuff her into the dreaded carrier, hopefully with no bloodshed on your part? You are not the only one. Even… Read More

Save Your Pet from the Pain of Dental Disease

Last week Robin, mom to eight cats and a wonderful cat rescuer, called me about her cat Loki who was screaming and jumping every time he chewed some food. It was evident to her that he had a dental issue. When we examined him we told her she had nailed the diagnosis. He had cavities… Read More

Top 10 Ways to Keep your Pet Out of the ER

An animal emergency hospital is definitely not a place you plan on visiting with your pet. The last thing anyone expects is to rush their ailing pet to the ER with trouble breathing, seizures, toxin ingestion or a broken bone. In recent years, more and more emergency hospitals have been opening around Boston. Gone are… Read More

Child Safety Around Pets

How safe is it to combine children under the age of 14 and pets? Most people acquiring a pet don’t give the question a lot of thought. Sometimes the acquisition is an impulse buy based on circumstance and pressure from the younger family members. Think Topsfield Fair and the rabbit exhibit. Or the pet store… Read More

Halloween Safety for Pets

Lots of people like to have fun during the Halloween festivities, but our pets can truly be “spooked” by all of the noises and costumes. Halloween is a holiday with many dangers for our dogs and cats. You can have fun with Halloween and keep your pet safe. Dressing up is fun for everyone, but… Read More

How to Achieve the Perfect Pet Adoption

The days of shopping for that puppy in the pet store window are fading quickly as we look through our computer windows for our next pet family member instead. How do you find a reputable purveyor of puppies without supporting the puppy mill business? It is not easy because there are so many ways to… Read More

How to Avoid, and React, to Pet Poisoning

Recently we fielded an emergency phone call from a dog owner. She was worried because when she arrived home from work she found that her dog had consumed half a jar of Nutella. The 13-ounce jar was tipped on its side on the floor bearing all the signs of a canine lick-fest. Knowing how panicked… Read More

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summertime Tips for Dog Safety Summertime! Finally, your chance to relax and unwind! With your sunblock, sunglasses and a good book, you plan to enjoy the day at the pool! Suddenly, you remember your dog is in the yard – unsupervised …surely he will be okay for a couple hours. Or will he? Summer temperatures… Read More

Seasonal Allergies in Pets

Last month the pine trees were shedding so much pollen that massive green clouds could be seen billowing across roads and fields. Simultaneously our practice saw a spike in dogs with painful ear infections, skin lesions, fur loss and uncomfortable itching problems. Coincidence? I think not. We will see the aftermath of the pollen explosion… Read More