We Love Saving Kittens

Newborn Kitten Being Held

One of the best things about working in a veterinary hospital is kittens. When a kitten arrives for an appointment, the worship begins. After asking permission, our techs will gently tour the kitten around the hospital so we can all have a lovely happy kitten moment.

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital had a beautiful orphaned newborn kitten enter our lives just 9 days ago. A local surgeon found the kitten on the ground, still attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord. She removed the placenta and ligated and cut the umbilical cord and then brought her to us. She is searching for the mom cat but cannot find her. Dr Rosalee Hezekiah has taken over the case and is bottle feeding him (we think he is a boy although everything is very tiny at one week) every 3 to 4 hours and has brought him up to this point. He is lively and squirmy and sucks his thumb. We are on the lookout for a wet nurse cat so we can slip him into her litter but have not found a suitable cat yet. Any day now his eyes should open and his ear canals should open. In the mean time the doctor’s office is heated up to 85 F as he sleeps in his little carrier nest. Other times he is kept in our incubator when we are not warming up surgical patients post op. I’ve included some pics of the little guy. What would you name him? Let us know!!!!

Newborn Rescued Kitten Being Bottle-FedTiny Kitten